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Tourism Act, 1993

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To make provision for the promotion of tourism to and in the Republic; the further regulation and rationalization of the tourism industry; measures aimed at the maintenance and enhancement of the standards of facilities and services hired out or made available to tourists; and the co-ordination and rationalization, as far as practicable, of the activities of persons who are active in the tourism industry; with a view to the said matters to establish a board with legal personality which shall be competent and obliged to exercise, perform and carry out certain powers, functions and duties; to authorize the Minister to establish a grading and classification scheme in respect of accommodation establishments, the membership of which shall be voluntary; to authorize the Minister to establish schemes for prescribed sectors of the tourism industry, the membership of which shall be voluntary; to make provision for the registration of tourist guides; to prohibit any person to act for gain as a tourist guide unless he has been registered as a tourist guide in terms of the Act; to authorize the Minister to make regulations; and to provide for matters connected therewith.


Last update: April 2008

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Latest Developments:


The Act has been updated by Regulations in respect of Tourist Guides published in Government Gazette No. 22563 dated 17 August 2001.


The following bulleted items have been Gazetted but not yet added to the Tourism Act on Acts Online:

The date of commencement of the Tourism Second Amendment Act, 2000 has been set at 1 October, 2001 as gazetted on 17 August 2001 in GG 22563,

Tourist Guides Regulations – GG 22563, 17 August 2001.


The Tourism Second Amendment Act, 2000 has been Gazetted (GN 21886, 13 December 2000) and has been added to the Act. Note: the amendments have not yet been applied to the Act itself.

The Regulations regarding Tourism Travel Insurance, as published in Gazette 15808 and dated 24 June 1994, as well as the Regulations regarding Tourist Guides, as published in Gazette 15607 and dated 8 April 1994, have been added to the Act.

The Tourism Act, 1993, has been added to the site as published in Government Gazette 14893, dated 25 June 1993, is completely up to date and came into operation on the 1 September 1993. The latest amendment to the Act being the Tourism Amendment Act, 2000.