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Sasfin to be hit with R30m damages claim after closing down Joburg man's business

Joburg man Damon Greville is claiming R30,5 million in damages from Sasfin after the bank shut down his business in 2011 and then attempted to foreclose on his house. Earlier this year Greville successfully defended the bank's attempt to foreclose on his house, claiming his debt to the bank is already discharged and the bank in fact owes him.

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Brakspear trial showcases a broken judicial system

Ian Brakspear's trial came to a close last week in the Durban High Court. There were accusations of a forged court order that was used to liquidate his company, West Dunes, and lengthy argument on whether the case was actually heard by a judge. Points were scored by both sides, but overall, it was a shocking display of South African justice at work.

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