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Manpower Training Act, 1981

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To provide for the promotion and regulation of the training of manpower and for that purpose to provide for the establishment of a National Training Board, a Manpower Development Fund and a Fund for the Training of Unemployed Persons; to provide for the establishment, accreditation, functions and powers of training boards; the registration of regional training centres, private training centres and industry training centres; and the imposition on certain employers of a levy in aid of training; and to provide for matters connected therewith.


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This Act repealed by the Skills Development Act, 1998]


This Act has been added to the site, and amended by Notice No. R. 808 in Government Gazette No. 23507 dated 14 June 2002, and Notice No. R. 851 in Government Gazette No. 29134 dated 25 August 2006.