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Colleges have become lunatic asylums

US academic Walter Williams tells us what is happening on college campuses, and it isn't pretty: safe spaces for every perceived victim, segregation according to race and gender identity in the name of "diversity", and the leeching of political prejudice into biology, physics and history. With this, of course, comes a shut down in free debate and the death of academic discourse. God help the employers who have to deal with this wounded lot when and if they finally graduate. 

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The biggest power grab by bureaucracy yet

You give a piece of legislation a name like the Financial Services Regulation Bill and you know people will yawn and turn the page. Yet buried in this proposed law are some whoppers. We are going to get not one, but two, giant bureaucracies that will cost between R4bn and R6bn a year, paid for of course by the consumer. We are adding layer upon layer of regulation in a fruitless attempt to prevent future financial crises. Nobel laureate George Stigler investigated the economic costs of regulation and came to the conclusion that bureaucracies often end up performing no discernible public good, or what he called regulatory capture.

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The perversion of the law

French economist and philosopher Frederic Bastiat wrote The Law in 1850. It should be required reading for law makers, judges and legal practitioners. Bastiat argues that the law exists in a very narrow sense to protect the individual's body, liberty and property. Beyond that, tyranny beckons. 

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OUTA investigating class action against Eskom

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has become a major thorn in the side of State-Owned Enterprises. It started out by launching SA's most effective consumer boycott of e-tolls in 2013, and has since put SAA and now Eskom in its sights. OUTA is doing the work that public watchdogs and regulators are supposed to do - but don't.

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