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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973

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To provide for the control of substances which may cause injury or ill-health to or death of human beings by reason of their toxic, corrosive, irritant, strongly sensitizing or flammable nature or the generation of pressure thereby in certain circumstances, and for the control of certain electronic products; to provide for the division of such substances or products into groups in relation to the degree of danger; to provide for the prohibition and control of the importation, manufacture, sale, use, operation, application, modification, disposal or dumping of such substances and products; and to provide for matters connected therewith.


Last update: June 2020

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Latest developments:


This Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973) is amended by the publication of the Exemption of Group III Hazardous Substances, as per Notice No. R722 of Government Gazette No. 43485, dated 26 June 2020.


This Act has been updated with a Declaration regarding leaded paint as a Group 1 hazardous substance, published in Government Gazette No. 32455 dated 31 July 2009 – the Declaration only coming into operation 12 months from the date of publication.