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Frequently Asked Questions relating to Acts Online


Is all South African legislation on Acts Online?


Not at the moment, the current focus is on National Legislation.


Can we email you an Act or Bill?


The Acts themselves are available in a printable format on our shop There are also purchase links in the acts themselves.


Can we answer your legal queries?


We are not lawyers, please do not send us case histories or employment situations. While we sympathise with the situation we suggest that you contact a lawyer or legal aid for help.


Where can I find an Act that is not on Acts Online?


If the Act was gazetted after 1993 you can normally find it on the web site of the government department that administers it, start at and go to the "Documents" section, work your way around from there.


Other resources are: (South Africa Government Online)

parliament – Parliament web site


Where can I find an Amendment Act?


On Acts Online we apply gazetted amendments to the Act itself, thus keeping the Act up to date. The amendment Acts themselves are not available on this site, most are available from the links provided above.