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Environment Conservation Act, 1989

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To provide for the effective protection and controlled utilization of the environment and for matters incidental thereto.


Last update: June 2009

Copyright: This Act reproduced under Government Printers Copyright Authority 10154 dated 20 March 1996

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Latest Developments:


This Act has been amended by The National Environmental Laws Amendment Act, 2009 (Act No. 14 of 2009) as published in Government Gazette No. 32267 dated 27 May 2009.


The Act has been updated by the National Environment Laws Amendment Act, 2008 (Act No. 44 of 2008) as published in Government Gazette No. 31685 dated 5 December 2008.


The Act has been updated with new Waste Tyre Regulations, 2009, published in Government Gazette No. 31901 dated 13 February 2009.


The Environment Conservation Act, 1989 (Act No. 73 of 1989) has been updated with an amendment dated February 2004; and Asbestos Regulations published in Government Gazette No. 30904 dated 28 March 2008;


The Plastic Bag Regulations 2002 have been repealed and replaced by the Plastic Carrier Bags and Plastic Flat Bags Regulations as gazetted in 24739 dated 9 April, 2003.

The Plastic Bag Regulations, 2002 have been added as gazetted in GG 23401 dated 10 May 2002.

The Regulations regarding activities identified under section 21(1) have been amended as published in GG 23401 dated 10 May, 2002, and this same Gazette carried the notice amending the list of activities identified as having a substantial detrimental effect on the environment.


The Proposed Plastic Bag Regulations have bee added to the Act as published in Gazette 21203 and dated 19 May 2000.

The Regulations regarding Activities Identified under Section 21 were amended as published in Gazette 19599 and dated 11 December 1998.