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Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000)


Regulations relating to the Promotion of Access to Information, 2021

Chapter 2 : Availability of Guide

3. Obligations of Information Officer


(1) An information officer must have a copy of the guide, in at least two of the official languages, at his or her registered head office, for public inspection during normal office hours.


(2) An information officer must make available, upon the written request of any person, on a form which corresponds substantially with Form 1 of Annexure A to the Regulations, the number of copies of the guide in the official languages, as requested.


(3) An information officer may not charge a fee for—
(a) a copy of the guide made available in terms of subregulation (2); or
(b) inspection of a copy of the guide at the office of the information officer.