NPA about to move on Guptas, sets sights on assets worth R1,6bn

Posted 15 January 2018

The Asset Forfeiture Unit, part of the National Prosecuting Authority, is preparing to make a move against the Gupta family and has its sights set on assets worth R1,6bn. This is the first time the state has taken action against President Jacob Zuma's friends, says City Press.

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Eskom relies on 'ridiculous' lawyer's report to wipe slate clean

Posted 07 January 2018

Eskom relied on a lawyer's report to exonerate itself from wrong-doing over payment of R500-million to Trillian Capital, despite having no valid agreement with the Gupta-linked company, says Timeslive.

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Liar liar: Brown vs Qoma. Who's telling the truth?

Posted 15 November 2017

Eskom spokesperson Khulani Qoma laid into public enterprises minister Lynn Brown yesterday, saying "she lies all the time." What is she supposedly lying about? Well, just about everything, including the influence of the Guptas in making Eskom board appointments, to the true financial health of the state-owned electricity provider. Brown hit back with a few jabs of her own, calling the parliamentary inquiry into state capture a "kangaroo court".

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Book review: The President's Keepers by Jacques Pauw

Posted 09 November 2017

Jacques Pauw's new book The President's Keepers has lit up the country, with PDF versions making the rounds in case the state tries to ban the book. As well they might. It details how President Zuma avoided filing tax returns before and during his presidency, because to do so would illuminate that he was a fatally compromised man. He was and is, in fact, a kept man, receiving payments for his upkeep from some truly dodgy characters. Then, of course, Pauw details how the intelligence and other organs of government have been captured and looted.

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Opposition groups on high alert over alleged Russian interference in energy portfolio

Posted 23 October 2017

The Sunday Times reported on the weekend that a Russian delegation had slipped into SA from Mozambique to coerce President Jacob Zuma in appointing David Mahlobo as energy minister last week to be the Russians' "eyes and ears" and to push through a costly nuclear deal through parliament. 

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Zuma will likely evade justice

Posted 16 October 2017

The inevitable passage of time, and the relative absence of key witnesses, means President Jacob Zuma may never face a successful prosecution, says City Press.

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Pace of state capture picking up

Posted 12 October 2017

The Guptas might be on the back foot, but the project to capture the state is proceeding apace. Over the past few weeks, the looters have been emboldened again.

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DA to lay charges of fraud and racketeering against McKinsey over Gupta dealings

Posted 19 September 2017

The fall-out from the Guptas continues. The curse of the Guptas has already sent a cruise missile through the hull of UK PR firm Bell Pottinger, which marketed the divisive "White minority capital" and other slogans in service of the Guptas' agenda. Now the axe has fallen at KPMG, one of the world's largest and most prestigious audit firms. KPMG, in an effort to stem the exodus of clients (which include Sasfin and energy group Hulisani), fired most of its executive team last week for dodgy work it did for the Guptas, and SA Revenue Services. Now one of the premier consulting firms in the world, McKinsey, is under fire. The Democratic Alliance says it will lay charges of fraud and racketeering against the firm over its suspect dealings with the Guptas.

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Open letter calling for UK Parliament to stop political meddling in SA by PR firms

Posted 10 September 2017

The following is an open letter by human rights activist Justin Lewis to Lord Peter Hain, a prominent anti-apartheid activist who fled SA in the 1960s, urging him to rein in PR firms such as Bell Pottinger interfering in the political affairs of a friendly nation. Lewis has asked Lord Hain to bring the matter to the attention of the UK Parliament.

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Bell Pottinger heads for the knackers yard for sowing racial divisions in SA

Posted 07 September 2017

UK-based public relations firm Bell Pottinger could be up for sale as its owners explore "all options" to salvage the floundering business.This follows the earlier dismissal of the account executive who handled the Gupta account and the departure of the company’s CEO and significant shareholder James Henderson, neither of which appears to have stemmed the bleeding.

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DA's Maimane hands over dossier alleging theft of R200m by Guptas and associates

Posted 28 August 2017

It continues to confound South Africans that the Guptas remain relatively untouched by the long hand of the law. Perhaps this will change after Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane handed over a dossier detailing how the Guptas and a number of their associates allegedly stole R200m from some 80 community members to pay for a Gupta wedding at Sun City in 2013. Is anyone at the Hawks paying attention?

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OUTA lays charges of corruption against Mark Pamensky

Posted 15 August 2017

Mark Pamensky, who doubled as an Eskom director while serving on the boards of various Gupta family-owned businesses, has had corruption charges laid against him based on leaked e-mails he sent to the brothers and their associates.

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How South Africa was stolen - Forensics for Justice

Posted 13 August 2017

An explosive criminal docket opened last week by Sarah-Jane Trent of Forensics for Justice - spearheaded by forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan - spills the beans on just how deep the corruption in SA runs. It claims the intelligence services are being used to hound political enemies, while the Criminal Justice System is being used to pursue witch-hunts intended to silence those exposing corruption.

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Fears grow of capture at SARS

Posted 06 August 2017

Fears that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) had fallen prey to state capture were heightened after its chief financial officer of nearly three years abruptly resigned this week. 

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NPA must move quickly to stop Gupta money leaving the country - OUTA

Posted 01 August 2017

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) wants the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to instruct the Asset Forfeiture Unit to prevent the Guptas moving assets offshore.

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Gupta emails: a crack becomes a canyon

Posted 23 July 2017

As evidence mounts of industrial-scale corruption in South Africa's public sector, aided and abetted, it would seem, by elements within private enterprise, it's good to know it cannot go on forever.

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How SA is being captured - read the shocking report

Posted 17 July 2017

The decomposition of South African state institutions has been blamed on corruption, but we must now recognise that the problem goes well beyond this. While corruption is widespread at all levels and is undermining development, state capture is a far greater, systemic threat. It is akin to a silent coup. The March 2017 Cabinet reshuffle was confirmation of this silent coup; it was the first Cabinet reshuffle that took place without the full prior support of the governing party. This is an extract from the just published report by the State Capacity Research Project entitled: Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is being Stolen.

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How the Guptas captured SA and its PR firm inflamed racial tensions

Posted 13 July 2017

The rise and fall of the Guptas and their capture of a president will be studied in political and PR classes for generations to come. The good news is they are a spent force.

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Bell Pottinger apologises for being played by Guptas and stirring race tensions

Posted 09 July 2017

Social media exploded this weekend with news that UK-based PR firm Bell Pottinger - one-time spin doctors for the Guptas - has apologised "unequivocally" for some of the things its PR hacks had pulled off while in the pay of the Guptas. Now we know where the "white monopoly capital" meme came from. We also now know who authored the "radical economic transformation" nonsense that has been peddled by leading ANC lights. The leaked Gupta emails highlighted the role this firm played in stirring anti-white tensions in this country. Biznews takes a look at what went on behind the scenes, and the scale of the damage wrought by Bell Pottinger. The question some are asking is whether the PR firm can survive this outrage.

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Dlamini-Zuma's R250,000 Gupta award prize was from laundered money, affidavit alleges

Posted 10 June 2017

Millions of rands allegedly laundered by a Gupta associate, Eric Wood, were used to sponsor the awards that named presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma the South African of the Year two years ago. The South African of the Year Awards are run by the Gupta family-owned The New Age Company.

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How Gigaba and Brown got the Guptas into state-owned companies

Posted 07 June 2017

More evidence from leaked emails show how finance minister Malusi Gigaba - while still at public enterprises - and his successor Lynne Brown placed Gupta associates into key positions in state-owned companies. The Guptas benefited to the tune of billions of rands.

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Explosive Gupta emails at the heart of state capture

Posted 29 May 2017

Rumours that President Jacob Zuma was about to resign and take up residence in Dubai - with the assistance of the Gupta family - sent the rand soaring to R12,70 to the US dollar on Monday morning. The president is now besieged not just by opposition parties, but a strong and growing faction within the ANC. The Sunday Times added fuel to this fire with stunning revelations of the extent to which the Guptas had managed to gain control of ministers and state-owned enterprises. 

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How the capture cancer spread

Posted 22 May 2017

SA Council of Churches’ Unburdening Panel report provides vital clues to the personnel and sequence of events that resulted in the Guptas' almost unbelievable capture of SA's state-owned companies. They are President Jacob Zuma and then public enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba. Eskom, Denel and Transnet were their prime targets.

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The story of a brazen hijack

Posted 22 May 2017

We now have a clearer idea of how the Gupta-owned Tegeta got control of the Optimum coal mine from Glencore for a song, using its "special relationship" with Eskom. The deal stinks to high heaven. It involved imposing an impossibly high fine on Glencore for supplying under-sized coal to Eskom, which allowed Tegeta to move in and capture the mine - and resume normal business with Eskom. Former mineral resources minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi was fired by President Jacob Zuma for refusing to co-operate with the elaborate scam. Here's how it went down.

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Wrecking queen Dudu Myeni's reign at SAA may soon be over

Posted 08 March 2017

SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni's time at the airline may soon be over. This week Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse and the SAA Pilots Association brought an application before the South Gauteng High Court to have her declared a delinquent director. This is the first time in history an executive in a state-owned enterprise has been charged in this manner.

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