You can get fired for racist or offensive social media posts

Posted 02 February 2016

Employees should ralise that they can be dismissed for offensive or racist social media remarks. Nothing posted in this digital age is considered private or irrelevant, according to Werksmans Attorneys. 

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Here's one of the worst proposed laws you'll ever read - problem is, it could be coming to SA

Posted 21 May 2015

This is what happens when you put bureacrats in charge of policy - you get mind-numbing idiocy in the form of the Draft Online Regulation Policy vomited out of the Film and Publication Board (FPB). The Mrs Grundys at the FPB want to police your Youtube videos and reserve the right to report you to the Board's Classification Committee, according to Jeremy Malcolm at Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Twitter your way to a world of trouble

Posted 26 March 2013

There are reckoned to be 55 million tweets a day gushing forth from an army of 500 million citizen journalists and commentators. Many are now finding themselves subject to the same legal rigours as traditional newspapers.

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