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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014


Appendix 6


1. Specialist reports


(1) A specialist report prepared in terms of these Regulations must contain—
(a) details of—
(i) the specialist who prepared the report; and
(ii) the expertise of that specialist to compile a specialist report including a curriculum vitae;
(b) a declaration that the specialist is independent in a form as may be specified by the competent authority;
(c) an indication of the scope of, and the purpose for which, the report was prepared;
(cA) an indication of the quality and age of base data used for the specialist report;
(cB) a description of existing impacts on the site, cumulative impacts of the proposed development and levels of acceptable change;
(d) the duration, date and season of the site investigation and the relevance of the season to the outcome of the assessment;
(e) a description of the methodology adopted in preparing the report or carrying out the specialised process inclusive of equipment and modelling used;
(f) details of an assessment of the specific identified sensitivity of the site related to the proposed activity or activities and its associated structures and infrastructure, inclusive of a site plan identifying site alternatives;
(g) an identification of any areas to be avoided, including buffers;
(h) a map superimposing the activity including the associated structures and infrastructure on the environmental sensitivities of the site including areas to be avoided, including buffers;
(i) a description of any assumptions made and any uncertainties or gaps in knowledge;
(j) a description of the findings and potential implications of such findings on the impact of the proposed activity or activities;
(k) any mitigation measures for inclusion in the EMPr;
(l) any conditions for inclusion in the environmental authorisation;
(m) any monitoring requirements for inclusion in the EMPr or environmental authorisation;
(n) a reasoned opinion—
(i) whether the proposed activity, activities or portions thereof should be authorised;
(iA) regarding the acceptability of the proposed activity or activities; and
(ii) if the opinion is that the proposed activity, activities or portions thereof should be authorised, any avoidance, management and mitigation measures that should be included in the EMPr, and where applicable, the closure plan;
(o) a description of any consultation process that was undertaken during the course of preparing the specialist report;
(p) a summary and copies of any comments received during any consultation process and where applicable all responses thereto; and
(q) any other information requested by the competent authority.


(2) Where a government notice gazetted by the Minister provides for any protocol or minimum information requirement to be applied to a specialist report, the requirements as indicated in such notice will apply.


[Appendix 6 substituted by Notice No. 326 of 2017]