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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014

Chapter 5 : Amendment, Suspension, Withdrawal and Auditing of Compliance with Environmental Authorisation and Environmental Management Programme

Part 1: Amendments where no change in scope or a change of ownership occur

30. Process and consideration of application for amendment and decision


(1) Upon receipt of an application made in terms of regulation 29 the competent authority—
(a) may request additional information within a period determined by the competent authority  and such request must accompany the acknowledgement of receipt of the application and if such information is not submitted within such a period the application will be deemed to have lapsed; and
(b) must refuse the application for amendment if the amendment being applied for does not fall within the ambit of regulation 29.

[Regulation 30(1) substituted by Notice No. 326 of 2017]


(2) The competent authority must within 30 days of acknowledging receipt of the application or of receipt of the additional information contemplated in subregulation (1)(a) decide the application.