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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014

Chapter 3 : General Requirements for Applications

Part 2: Duties of proponents and applicants

15. Determination of assessment process applicable to application


(1) An EAP must identify whether basic assessment or S&EIR must be applied to the application, taking into account—
(a) any notices published in terms of section 24D of the Act;
(b) any guidelines applicable to the application process or activity which is the subject of the application; and
(c) any advice given by the competent authority in terms of regulation 8.


(2) An application must be managed in accordance with—
(a) regulation 19 and 20 if basic assessment must be applied to the application or when identified and gazetted by the Minister in a government notice; or

[Regulation 15(2)(a) substituted by Notice No. 326 of 2017]

(b) regulation 21 to 24 if S&EIR must be applied to the application.


(3) S&EIR must be applied to an application if the application is for two or more activities as part of the same development for which S&EIR must already be applied in respect of any of the activities.