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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

National Appeal Regulations, 2014

Chapter 2 : Administration and Processing of Appeals

4. Appeal submission


(1) An appellant must submit the appeal to the appeal administrator, and a copy of the appeal to the applicant, any registered interested and affected party and any organ of state with interest in the matter within 20 days from:
(a) the date that the notification of the decision for an application for an environmental authorisation or a waste management licence was sent to the registered interested and affected parties by the applicant; or
(b) the date that the notification of the decision was sent to the applicant by the competent authority, issuing authority or licensing authority, in the case of decisions other than those referred to in paragraph (a).


(2) An appeal submission must be—
(a) submitted in writing in the form obtainable from the appeal administrator; and
(b) accompanied by—
(i) a statement setting out the grounds of appeal;
(ii) supporting documentation which is referred to in the appeal submission; and
(iii) a statement, including supporting documentation, by the appellant to confirm compliance with regulation 4(1) of these Regulations.