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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Section 24G Fine Regulations

Annexure A to the Section 24G Application Form

Section D : Preliminary Advertisement


Section D : Preliminary Advertisement


When submitting this application form, the applicant must attach proof that the application has been advertised in at least one local newspaper in circulation in the area in which the activity was commenced, and on the applicant's website, if any.


The advertisement must state That the applicant commenced a listed or specified activity or activities or waste management activity or activities without the necessary environmental authorisation and/or waste management licence and is now applying for ex post facto approval. It must include the following:


the date;
the location;
the applicable legislative provision contravened; and
the activity or activities commenced with without the required authorisation.


Interested and affected parties must be provided with the details of where they can register as an  interested and affected party and I or submit their comment. At least 20 days must be provided in which to do so.


This advertisement shall be considered as a preliminary notification and the competent authority may direct the applicant to undertake further public participation and advertising after receipt of this application form.


NOTE: Unless protected by law, all information contained in and attached to this application form may become public information on receipt by the competent authority. This application must be attached to any documentation or information submitted by an applicant further to section 24G(1).