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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Section 24G Fine Regulations

8. Register of interested and affected parties


(1) Prior to the submission of an application in terms of section 24G of the Act, the applicant must place a preliminary advertisement in—
(a) a local newspaper in circulation in the area in which the activity was, or activities were, commenced; and
(b) on the applicant's website, if any.


(2) This advertisement must comply with the requirements set out in Annexure A, Section D.


(3) The applicant must open and maintain of a register of interested and affected parties.


(4) The register must be attached to the application form and included in the report, or form part of the information submitted in terms of section 24G(1) of the Act, which register must, as a minimum, contain the names, contact details and addresses of—
(a) all persons who, as a consequence of the public participation process conducted in respect of the application, have submitted written comments or attended meetings with the applicant or any environmental assessment practitioner or other specialist appointed by the applicant to assist with the application;
(b) all persons who have requested the applicant, in writing, to place their names on the register; and
(c) all organs of state that have jurisdiction in respect of the activity to which the application relates.