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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Environmental Management Framework Regulations, 2010

2. Purpose of Regulations


(1) The purpose of this Part is to provide—
(a) for the Minister or MEC with concurrence of the Minister to initiate the compilation of information and maps referred to in section 24(3) of the Act specifying the attributes of the environment in particular geographical areas;
(b) for such information to inform environmental management; and
(c) for such information and maps to be used as environmental management frameworks in the consideration, as contemplated in section 24(4)(b)(vi) of the Act, of applications for environmental authorisations in or affecting the geographical areas to which those frameworks apply.


(2) The provisions of this Part may not be read as purporting to affect the powers of the Minister or MEC in terms of section 24(3) of the Act to compile information and maps specifying the attributes of the environment in specific geographical areas.


(3) Environmental management frameworks are aimed at
(a) promoting sustainability;
(b) securing environmental protection; and
(c) promoting cooperative environmental governance.