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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Environmental Management Framework Regulations, 2010

1. Interpretation


In these Regulations any word or expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the Act has that meaning, and unless the context requires otherwise—



means the quality ascribed to an element in the environment that distinguishes it in character, form or nature from other elements in the environment;


"environmental management framework"

means a study of the biophysical and socio-cultural systems of a geographically defined area to reveal where specific land uses may best be practiced and to offer performance standards for maintaining appropriate use of such land;


"interested and affected party"


(a) any person, group of persons or organisation interested in or affected by an environmental management framework; and
(b) any organ of state that may have jurisdiction over any aspect covered by the environmental management framework;



in relation to all environmental matters except with regard to the implementation of environmental legislation, regulations policies, strategies and guidelines relating to prospecting, mining, exploration, production and related activities on a prospecting, mining, exploration, production area, means the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs;



means the Member of the Executive Council to whom the Premier has assigned responsibility for environmental affairs;


"the Act"

means the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)