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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Regulations relating to Qualification Criteria, Training and Identification of, and Forms to be used by, Environmental Management Inspectors and Environmental Mineral Resource Inspectors

5. Contents and period of validity of identity cards


(1) An identity card must display—
(a) the full names and identity number of the person designated as an inspector;
(b) a recent photograph of that person;
(c) the name of organ of state of which that person is an employee and the employee number of that person;
(d) particulars of the mandate of that person in terms of section 31D(1),(2) or (2A) of the Act and must indicate for which legislation that person is designated as an inpsector;
(e) the full names and post description of the designating authority who designated the person as an inspector.
(f) the signature of the designating authority;
(g) the date on which the person was designated as an inspector;
(h) the grade of the inspector; and
(i) where applicable, that the inspector is a peace officer ex officio.


(2) An identity card lapses when the designation of the cardholder as an inspector is withdrawn in terms of section 31B(1)(b), 31BA(1)(b), 31BB(1)(b) or 31C(1)(b)


(3) Upon the lapsing of the designation, the cardholder must forthwith return the identity card to the Department, Department responsible for mineral resources, Department responsible for water and sanitation; or organ of state authorised in terms of regulation 4(1)(b)(iv) that issued that identity card.


(4) Where a member of staff who has been designated as inspector is suspended in terms of the employer institution's labour practices, that inspector shall forthwith upon suspension, surrender his or her identity card, which card shall remain surrendered unless or until the suspension has been lifted and the official's employment has been reinstated.