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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Regulations in Terms of Chapter 5 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998

Chapter 3 : Applications for Environmental Authorisations

Part 3 : Applications subject to scoping and environmental impact assessment

33. Specialist reports and reports on specialised processes



1) An applicant or the EAP managing an application may appoint a person who is independent to carry out a specialist study or specialised process.


2) A specialist report or a report on a specialised process prepared in terms of these Regulations must contain—
a) details of—
i) the person who prepared the report; and
ii) the expertise of that person to carry out the specialist study or specialised process;
b) a declaration that the person is independent in a form as may be specified by the competent authority;
c) an indication of the scope of, and the purpose for which, the report was prepared;
d) a description of the methodology adopted in preparing the report or carrying out the specialised process;
e) a description of any assumptions made and any uncertainties or gaps in knowledge;
f) a description of the findings and potential implications of such findings on the impact of the proposed activity, including identified alternatives, on the environment;
g) recommendations in respect of any mitigation measures that should be considered by the applicant and the competent authority;
h) a description of any consultation process that was undertaken during the course of carrying out the study;
i) a summary and copies of any comments that were received during any consultation process; and
j) any other information requested by the competent authority.