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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Regulations in Terms of Chapter 5 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998

Chapter 3 : Applications for Environmental Authorisations

Part 3 : Applications subject to scoping and environmental impact assessment

29. Content of scoping reports



1) A scoping report must contain all the information that is necessary for a proper understanding of the nature of issues identified during scoping, and must include—
a) details of—
i) the EAP who prepared the report; and
ii) the expertise of the EAP to carry out scoping procedures;
b) a description of the proposed activity and of any feasible and reasonable alternatives that have been identified;
c) a description of the property on which the activity is to be undertaken and the location of the activity on the property, or if it is—
i) a linear activity, a description of the route of the activity; or
ii) an ocean-based activity, the coordinates where the activity is to be undertaken;
d) a description of the environment that may be affected by the activity and the manner in which the physical, biological, social, economic and cultural aspects of the environment may be affected by the proposed activity ;
e) an identification of all legislation and guidelines that have been considered in the preparation of the scoping report;
f) a description of environmental issues and potential impacts, including cumulative impacts, that have been identified;
g) information on the methodology that will be adopted in assessing the potential impacts that have been identified, including any specialist studies or specialised processes that will be undertaken;
h) details of the public participation process conducted in terms of regulation 28(a), including—
i) the steps that were taken to notify potentially interested and affected parties of the application;
ii) proof that notice boards, advertisements and notices notifying potentially interested and affected parties of the application have been displayed, placed or given;
iii) a list of all persons or organisations that were identified and registered in terms of regulation 57 as interested and affected parties in relation to the application; and
iv) a summary of the issues raised by interested and affected parties, the date of receipt of and the response of the EAP to those issues;
i) a plan of study for environmental impact assessment which sets out the proposed approach to the environmental impact assessment of the application, which must include—
i) a description of the tasks that will be undertaken as part of the environmental impact assessment process, including any specialist reports or specialised processes, and the manner in which such tasks will be undertaken;
ii) an indication of the stages at which the competent authority will be consulted;
iii) a description of the proposed method of assessing the environmental issues and alternatives, including the option of not proceeding with the activity; and
iv) particulars of the public participation process that will be conducted during the environmental impact assessment process; and
j) any specific information required by the competent authority.


2) In addition, a scoping report must take into account any guidelines applicable to the kind of activity which is the subject of the application.