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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015


Appendix 6

2. Content of a care and maintenance plan


The content of a care and maintenance plan must include─

(a) details of–
(i) the person who prepared the care and maintenance plan; and
(ii) the expertise of that person to prepare care and maintenance plan.
(iii) the persons who will be responsible for the implementation of the care and maintenance plan; and
(iv) timelines within which the measures contemplated in the care and maintenance plan must be implemented;
(b) details of conditions leading to an application for care and maintenance or leading to a motivation to remain placed under care and maintenance and a forecast of when care and maintenance may no longer be required;
(b) an environmental audit of the site;
(c) details of the results of the environmental audit and details of identified residual and latent impacts;
(d) a care and maintenance program detailing management of environmental risks associated with mining activities and its implementation thereof;
(e) appropriate detail on closure performance monitoring and maintenance framework during progressive rehabilitation and post closure, including the methodology, quality control system and remedial strategy;
(f) care of idle infrastructure and machinery;
(g) an emergency response action plan;
(h) details of the proposed care and maintenance cost for monitoring program;
(i) a sketch plan drawn on an appropriate scale describing the final and future land use proposal and arrangements for the site;
(j) documenting of the legal obligations and notifications;
(k) a record of all notices, registers, meetings and comments of the interested and affected parties consulted;
(l) training provided to the people implementing the care and maintenance programme; and
(m) a health and safety management plan.