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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Section 24H Registration Authority Regulations, 2016

Chapter 3 : Minimum Requirements of Registration Authority

6. Objectives and responsibilities of a registration authority


(1) The objectives of a registration authority contemplated in section 24H of the Act must, as a minimum—
(a) promote quality assurance regarding environmental assessment practice;
(b) promote the best interest of the environment, sustainable development and the public good;
(c) facilitate the transformation and restructuring of environmental assessment practice profession;
(d) ensure the professionalisation of environmental assessment practitioners through continued training and development support, which must also focus specifically on support for candidate black people, women, youth and people with disabilities in order to achieve the progressive transformation and restructuring of the profession that is representative of the demographics of the country; and
(e) promote awareness of the purpose and practice of environmental assessment in South Africa.


(2) A registration authority must—
(a) keep and maintain proper financial records in respect of every financial year relating to the assets, liabilities, income and expenditure of the registration authority;
(b) prepare audited financial statements for each financial year;
(c) submit to the Minister—
(i) financial statements within six months of the end of its financial year; and
(ii) within a period of six months of the end of its financial year, a comprehensive report on the operations of the registration authority during that year;
(d) advise the relevant authorities on issues that may impact on the practice of environmental assessment and the registration of environmental assessment practitioners;
(e) communicate, to relevant authorities, information on matters of public importance acquired during the course of its work;
(f) liaise with relevant government entities if necessary in order to effectively discharge its mandate under section 24H of the Act;
(g) inform its members of issues which may have an impact on the profession and their work;
(h) annually report to the Minister on the transformation of the sector; and
(i) generally, do all such things as it deems necessary or expedient to achieve the objectives as contemplated in sub-regulation (1).