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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)


Section 24H Registration Authority Regulations, 2016

Chapter 2 : Application for Appointment as Registration Authority

3. Application for appointment as registration authority and content of application


(1) An association proposing to register its members as environmental assessment practitioners may apply to the Minister to be appointed as a registration authority.


(2) An application contemplated in subregulation (1) must contain─
(a) the constitution of the association;
(b) a list of the members of the association;
(c) a description of the criteria and process to be used to register environmental assessment practitioners;
(d) a list of the qualifications of the members of the association responsible for the assessment of applicants for registration;
(e) a code of conduct regulating the ethical and professional conduct of members of the association; and
(f) a proposed structure of the association and its intended committees.


(3) The constitution of a registration authority must, amongst others, indicate the governance and management matters and measures to ensure that the structure of the association, its committees and its membership progressively achieve an association that is representative of the demographics of the country.


(4) The code of conduct must, as a minimum, include commitments to—
(a) carry out professional activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development;
(b) consider environmental concerns as early as possible in the development of policies and project conception;
(c) ensure accountability for technical and professional conduct;
(d) ensure that the integrity of the environment, including conservation and sustainable use of the biophysical environment, and the social welfare, health and safety aspects of the socio-economic environment, is placed above sectional or private interests;
(e) update and improve own knowledge, skills and competency in environmental assessment practice;
(f) ensure objectivity and impartiality when carrying out professional activities;
(g) take responsibility for the findings and recommendations made as part of the carrying out of professional activities; and
(h) denounce dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, discrimination or bias in executing professional activities.