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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Environmental Management Plan : Department of Labour

Chapter 3 : Institutional Arrangements

3.1. International Links



At the broad international level, there have been many forums that have provided for the participation of the DOL in ensuring that legislation and standards within the South African context are in keeping with those promoted internationally. Table 1 provides some of the DOL's activities within the international arena and thus in the promotion of co-operation, albeit at a broad international level.


Table 1: International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions ratified by South Africa-

may be found in Government Gazette No. 32667 dated 30 October 2009.


As indicated by the above table, the DOL has a long history of firm international relationships that have been founded on the grounds of the International Labour Organisation's principles of tripartism.


The DOL has been active in ILO activities in the region and at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, in fulfillment of the ILO Constitution, reporting obligations and interaction on policy developments regarding ILO standards.


The DOL has fostered good working relationships with the British Health and Safety Executive, where the DOL and the British Health and Safety Executive have a mutual recognition of each others standards, such as diver training standards.


The DOL participates in the SADC-ELS regarding all Labour Market issues. Specifically, DOL participates in the Technical Subcommittee on Social Security and Occupational Health, as well as Employment and Productivity TSC. The aim of this sub-committee is to harmonise OHS activities within the regions and to share scarce OHS resources.