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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Chapter 7 : Compliance, Enforcement and Protection

Part 2 : Application and enforcement of Act and any specific environmental management Act

31G. Functions of inspectors


(1) An environmental management inspector within his or her mandate in terms of section 31D
(a) must monitor and enforce compliance with a law for which he or she has been designated in terms of that section;
(b) may investigate any act or omission in respect of which there is a reasonable suspicion that it might constitute—
(i) an offence in terms of such law;
(ii) a breach of such law; or
(iii) a breach of a term or condition of a permit, authorisation or other instrument issued in terms of such law.


(2) An environmental management inspector—
(a) must carry out his or her duties and exercise his or her powers—
(i) in accordance with any instructions issued by the Minister or
(ii) subject to any limitations and in accordance with any procedures that may be prescribed; and
(b) may be accompanied by an interpreter or any other person whose assistance may reasonably be required;
(c) must exercise his or her powers in a way that minimises any damage to, loss or deterioration of any premises or thing.