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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Chapter 6 : International Obligations and Agreements

26. Reports


(1) The Minister must report to Parliament once a year regarding international environmental instruments for which he or she is responsible and such report may include details on—
(a) participation in international meetings concerning international environmental instruments;
(b) progress in implementing international environmental instruments to which the Republic is a party;
(c) preparations undertaken in respect of international instruments to which the Republic is likely to become a party;
(d) initiatives and negotiations within the region of Southern Africa;
(e) the efficacy of co-ordination mechanisms; and
(f) legislative measures that have been taken and the time frames within which it is envisaged that their objectives will be achieved.


(a) The Minister must initiate an Annual Performance Report on Sustainable Development to meet the government's commitment to Agenda 21.
(i) The Annual Performance Report must cover all relevant activities of all national departments and spheres of government.
(ii) All relevant organs of state must provide information to the Minister by a date to be determined by the Minister for the purposes of the report referred to in paragraph (a) and this may consist of an assembly of information compiled for other purposes.
(c) The Minister may appoint persons as he or she considers necessary to act as a Secretariat to ensure preparation of the report.
(d) The purpose of the report shall be to—
(i) provide an audit and a report of the government's performance in respect of Agenda 21;
(ii) review procedures for co-ordinating policies and budgets to meet the objectives of Agenda 21; and
(iii) review progress on a public educational programme to support the objectives of Agenda 21.