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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Chapter 5 : Integrated Environmental Management

24H. Registration authorities


(1) An association proposing to register its members as environmental assessment practitioners may apply to the Minister to be appointed as a registration authority in such manner as the Minister may prescribe.


(2) The application must contain—
(a) the constitution of the association;
(b) a list of the members of the association;
(c) a description of the criteria and process to be used to register environmental assessment practitioners;
(d) a list of the qualifications of the members of the association responsible for the assessment of applicants for registration;
(e) a code of conduct regulating the ethical and professional conduct of members of the association; and
(f) any other prescribed requirements.


(3) After considering an application, and any other additional information that the Minister may require, the Minister may—
(a) by notice in the Gazette, appoint the association as a registration authority; or
(b) in writing addressed to the association, refuse the application, giving reasons for such refusal.


(4) The Minister may, for good cause and in writing addressed to the association, terminate the appointment of an association as a registration authority.


(5) The Minister must maintain a register of all associations appointed as registration authorities in terms of this section.


(6) The Minister may appoint as registration authorities such number of associations as are required for the purposes of this Act and may, if circumstances so require, limit the number of registration authorities to a single registration authority.