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National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998)

Chapter 5 : Integrated Environmental Management

23A. Mainstreaming environmental management


(1) The Minister may, with a view to promote or facilitate integrated, environmentally sustainable and sound management, provide for—
(a) the guidelines on the development, content and use of voluntary organisation or sector based instruments; and
(b) the circumstances under which such instruments may be submitted to and considered by the Minister.


(2) Such instruments must, at least—
(a) integrate environmental considerations into decision-making;
(b) provide for the implementation of best environmental practice;
(c) promote the progressive adoption of environmentally sound technology; or
(d) promote sustainable consumption and production, including, where appropriate, eco-endorsement or labelling.


(3) In his or her consideration of such instruments, the Minister may—
(a) as appropriate, engage with the organisation or sector concerned, as the case may be, on the content and use of its instrument if the organisation or sector concerned, as the case may be, requires the Minister to endorse or approve such instrument; or
(b) endorse or approve such instrument.


[Section 23A inserted by section 4 of Act No. 30 of 2013]