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Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No. 103 of 1994)


Public Service Regulations, 2016

Chapter 4 : Employment Matters

Part 5 : Performance Management

71. Systems for performance management and development


(1) An executive authority shall approve and implement a system for the performance management of employees, other than employees who are members of the SMS, in his or her department.


(2) An executive authority shall approve the department's performance management system in the financial year prior to the cycle in which the system is to be implemented, and any deviation from the provisions of the system during the cycle may be approved by the executive authority only if such deviation is not to the detriment of any employee.


(3) An executive authority may establish separate performance management systems for different occupational categories or levels of work.


(4) The cycle for performance management shall be linked to a financial year.


(5) A system or systems contemplated in subregulation (1) or (3) shall, subject to any determination by the Minister, provide for—
(a) dimensions of performance assessment;
(b) a weighting for the key result areas and competency requirements;
(c) monitoring the employee's performance on a continuous basis with oral feedback on his or her performance at least quarterly if the employee's performance is satisfactory and in writing if the employee's performance is unsatisfactory;
(d) a written mid-cycle performance assessment of the employee's performance and a written annual performance assessment. The annual assessment shall reflect the performance of the employee for the entire period of the cycle;
(e) arrangements and structures for the purpose of performance moderation to ensure equity and consistency in the application of the employee performance management system; and
(f) approval of the annual performance assessments referred to in paragraph (e) by 30 November of the financial year following the year of the assessments.


(6) An executive authority may use a single assessment instrument to assist in deciding on an employee's probation and performance.


(7) Heads of department shall ensure that accurate records of all performance assessments and the outcomes thereof are kept.


(8) An employee acting in a higher position shall be assessed at the level of his or her post that he or she occupied at the time immediately prior to the acting position. Regardless of whether or not the employee was remunerated for so acting, the performance incentives shall be calculated at the lower level.