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Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No. 103 of 1994)


Public Service Regulations, 2016

Chapter 4 : Employment Matters

Part 1 : Creation of posts, job descriptions, job evaluation and job grading

41. Job evaluation and job grading systems


(1) The Minister shall determine—
(a) a job evaluation and job grading system or systems that shall be utilised in the public service to ensure work of equal value is remunerated equally; and
(b) a range of job weights derived from the system or systems for each salary level in a salary scale.


(2) The Minister may—
(a) issue directives on the application of a job evaluation or job grading system or systems;
(b) review the application of job evaluation in the public service;
(c) determine a job or category of jobs that an executive authority must evaluate; and
(d) issue directives that direct the evaluation and grading of any job or category of jobs.


(3) An executive authority may evaluate or re-evaluate any job in his or her department, except—
(a) jobs evaluated and graded by the Minister in terms of subregulation (2)(d); or
(b) jobs determined in terms of an OSD.