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Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No. 103 of 1994)


Public Service Regulations, 2016

Chapter 8 : Community Development Workers Programme

108. Objectives of CDWP


(1) The objectives of the CDWP are to—
(a) assist with improving service delivery and accessibility of services to the public;
(b) assist with inter-governmental coordination both between government line departments and the three spheres of government;
(c) facilitate community development and stronger interaction and partnerships between government and communities; and
(d) support participatory democracy.


(2) The CDWP may achieve the objectives contemplated in subregulation (1) by—
(a) regularly communicating governmental and other information to communities in an accessible way;
(b) providing feedback to government regarding community experiences of service and governance;
(c) providing early warnings to government of any obvious reduction in service standards or performance that could lead to the collapse or significant impairment of the overall service function;
(d) reporting any corruption or irregularity that is encountered within any sphere of government, government department, community organisation or private company;
(e) facilitating government assistance to community projects where required and appropriate;
(f) facilitating community interaction with public works programmes;
(g) assisting communities to engage with and provide input into integrated development plans and other programmes of government;
(h) assisting in the coordination of inter-departmental programmes and programmes that involve more than one sphere of government;
(i) maintaining communication with community based organisations and initiatives of civil society;
(j) promoting the principles of Batho Pele and community participation;
(k) improving community linkages to relevant public entities, non-governmental organisations and private donors;
(l) monitoring and reporting significant trends within communities related to health, social development and livelihood security as well as the impact of associated development projects;
(m) performing such other functions consistent with the objectives of the CDWP as may be determined by the CDWP Framework.