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Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No. 103 of 1994)

Chapter II : Administration of the Public Service, including the South African Management and Development Institute and the Training Fund

3A. Functions of Premiers


The Premier of a province may, in the province concerned—

(a) subject to section 7(5) to 7(7)
(i) establish or abolish any provincial department, designate such department and the head thereof or amend any such designation;
(ii) after consultation with the Minister and the Minister of Finance establish or abolish any provincial government component or establish an existing body as a provincial government component, designate such component and the head thereof and designate the Office of the Premier or a provincial department as its principal provincial department or amend any such designation; and
(b) make determinations regarding the allocation of any function to, or the abolition of any function of, any department or government component in the province concerned or the transfer of any function from such department or component to another department or component in the province or from such office, department or component to any body established by or under any law of the provincial legislature or from any such body to such office, department or component.