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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Facilities Regulations, 2004

2. Sanitation


(1) Every employer shall provide sanitary facilities at a workplace in accordance with Parts F, P and Q of the application of the National Building Regulations.


(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subregulation (1), an employer may, where less than 11 persons are employed on one premises, make arrangements in writing for such persons to use closets and washbasins on adjoining premises: Provided that—
(a) such facilities are freely and readily accessible; and
(b) the facilities comply with the provisions of these Regulations as well as with SABS 0400 with respect to—
(i) the total number of employees who will be using the facilities; and
(ii) the condition of such facilities.


(3) Every employer shall—
(a) make toilet paper available free of charge to employees;
(b) provide every water closet pan designed to have a seat, with a seat;
(c) supply a towel to every employee for his or her sole use or disposable paper towels or hot air blowers or clean portions of continuous cloth towels, at washbasins; and
(d) provide toilet soap or a similar cleansing agent free of charge to employees.


(4) Every employer shall, under the circumstances contemplated in Table 4 of Part P of SABS 0400, provide showers for the use of his or her employees, and he or she shall—
(a) provide running hot and cold or premixed hot and cold water for washbasins and showers;
(b) ensure that the walls of that part of a room in which there are showers, are smooth and impermeable, and that the floor thereof is slip-free and sloped for effective drainage; and
(c) ensure that where showers are provided in a room with windows, such windows are glazed in obscure glass or similar material.


(5) In respect of each room in which there are closets, urinals, showers or washbasins, every employer shall—
(a) provide a conspicuous sign outside the entrance to such room to indicate the gender of the persons for whom the room is intended;
(b) ventilate such rooms in accordance with the provisions of Part 0 of National Building Regulations;
(c) provide the necessary screen walls, partitions or doors in order to provide privacy; and
(d) ensure that water feeding to showers or washbasins on his or her premises which is not obtained from the water supply system of a local authority, complies with SABS 241.