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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Environmental Regulations for Workplaces, 1987

6. Housekeeping


(1) A user of machinery shall provide and maintain sufficient clear and unobstructed space at every machine to enable work to be carried out without danger to persons.


(2) An employer shall—
(a) with the exclusion of workplaces where building work is performed, make at least 2.25 square meters of effective open floor area available for every employee working in an indoor workplace;
(b) make available and maintain an unimpeded work space for every employee;
(c) keep every indoor workplace clean, orderly and free of materials, tools and similar things which are not necessary for the work done in such work place;
(d) keep all floors, walkways, stairs, passages and gangways in a good state of repair, skid-free and free of obstructions, waste or materials.
(e) keep the roof and walls of every indoor workplace sound and leak-free;
(f) board over or fence, or enclose with rails or guards, or take other measures which may be necessary under the circumstances to ensure the safety of persons, all openings in floors, all hatchways and all stairways and any open sides of floors or buildings through or from which persons are liable to fall: Provided that such boarding or guarding may be omitted or removed for the time and to the extent necessary for the access of persons or the movement of material; and
(g) erect a catch platform or net above an entrance or passageway or above a place where persons work or pass, or fence off the danger area if work is being performed above such entrance, passageway, place or danger area and there is a possibility of persons being struck by falling objects.


(3) No employer shall require or permit any person to, and no person shall, dispose of any article from a high place except by hoist or chute unless arrangements have been made to secure the safety who may be struck by falling objects.