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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Electrical Machinery Regulations, 2011

6. Switchgear and transformer premises


(1) An employer or user shall cause enclosed premises housing switchgear and transformers—
(a) to be of an ample size so as to provide clear working space for operating and maintenance staff;
(b) to be sufficiently ventilated to maintain the equipment at a safe working temperature;
(c) to be, as far as is practicable, constructed so as to be proof against rodents, leakage, seepage and flooding;
(d) to be provided with lighting that will enable all equipment, thoroughfares and working areas to be clearly distinguished and all instruments, labels and notices to be easily read;
(e) to have doors or gates, which can be readily opened from the inside, opening outwards;
(f) to be provided with fire extinguishing appliances or systems which are suitable for use on electrical machinery and which are maintained in good working order: Provided that, in the case of unattended premises, suitable fire extinguishing appliances be made available at such premises only when work is in progress thereon or therein; and
(g) to be of such construction that persons cannot reach in and touch bare conductors or exposed live parts of the electrical machinery.


(2) No person other than a person authorised thereto by the employer or user shall enter, or be required or permitted by the employer or user to enter, premises housing switchgear or transformers, unless all live conductors are insulated against inadvertent contact or are screened off: Provided that the person so authorized may be accompanied by any other person acting under his control.