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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Noise-induced Hearing Loss Regulations, 2003
7. Noise monitoring



1) Where an assessment of noise exposure or a review of such assessment indicates that any employee may be exposed to noise at or above the noise-rating limit, an employer contemplated in regulation 2 shall ensure that a measurement programme of noise exposure at that workplace is –
a) carried out in accordance with the provisions of these regulations;
b) carried out only after the relevant health and safety representative or relevant health and safety committee has been informed thereof and given a reasonable period, as mutually agreed upon, to comment thereon;
c) carried out by an approved noise inspection authority; and
d) representative of the employees’ exposure to noise, in accordance with subregulation (2).


2) In order to comply with subregulation (1)(a), an employer shall ensure –
a) that the measurement programme, in the case where a number of employees work in an are of approximately equal noise level, makes provision for the selection of not less than three locations which are representative of the positions occupied by employees well distributed over the area under investigation, and for the taking of measurements at each position as contemplated in SABS 083;
b) that the measurement programme, in the case of an employee working at an approximately fixed location relative to the noise source, makes provision for the measurement to be taken at the approximate position of the person’s ear that receives the higher noise level as contemplated in SABS 083; and
c) that representative measurements are carried out at least every 24 months: Provided that whenever the noise is at or above the noise-rating limit, the provisions of regulation 10(1) shall apply.
3) An employer shall ensure that the results of measurements as contemplated in subregulation (2)(c) are recorded in the record required by regulation 11.