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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations, 1995

9A. Handling of hazardous chemical substances



1) Subject to section 10(3) of the Act, every person who manufactures, imports, sells or supplies any hazardous chemical substance for use at work, shall, as far as is reasonably practicable, provide the person receiving such substance, free of charge, with a material safety data sheet in the form of Annexure 1, containing all the information as contemplated in either ISO 1 1014 or ANSIZ400.1.1993 with regard to—
a) product and company identification;
b) composition/information on ingredients;
c) hazards identification;
d) first-aid measures;
e) fire-fighting measures;
f) accidental release measures;
g) handling and storage;
h) exposure control/personal protection;
i) physical and chemical properties;
j) stability and reactivity;
k) toxicological information;
l) ecological information;
m) disposal considerations;
n) transport information;
o) regulatory information; and
p) other information:


Provided that, where it is not reasonably practicable to provide a material safety data sheet, the manufacturer, importer, seller or supplier shall supply the receiver of any hazardous chemical substance with sufficient information to enable the user to take the necessary measures as regards the protection of health and safety.


2) Every employer who uses any hazardous chemical substance at work, shall be in possession of a copy of Annexure 8 or a copy of sufficient information, as contemplated in subregulation (1).


3) Every employer shall make Annexure 8 or sufficient information, as contemplated in subregulation (1), available at the request of any interested or affected person.