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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Health and Safety of Children at Work Regulations

Schedule 1: Guidelines on risk assessments and plans of safe work procedures regarding permitted work by child workers

8. Checklist on safety orientation of child workers



1) The employer should keep a written record on whether each of the following safety orientation steps have been taken regarding each child worker: whether the child worker has been -
a) informed about the elements of the written safety program that outlines the employer's safety efforts;
b) informed about any staff health and safety meetings;
c) told to report all injuries and shown how to do this;
d) told to report all hazards to her/his supervisor and shown how to do this;
e) informed about all machinery hazards;
f) informed about what tasks child workers are prohibited from performing;
g) informed about all other hazards and ways to protect themselves (ie., chemicals, use of ladders, slippery floors, etc.);
h) shown where the first aid supplies are located and who to call for first aid;
i) told what to do during any emergencies that could occur;
j) shown how to operate a fire extinguisher and other emergency equipment;
k) informed of and trained on any chemical hazards according to the relevant hazardous chemical regulations, including how to read a label and precautions to take when using them;
l) trained on the safe methods to perform the specific job the child workers was assigned including any hazards associated with that job;
m) provided any formal training required to do his/her job, such as proper lifting, use of knives, grill and fryer operation, spill clean-up etc.