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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Health and Safety of Children at Work Regulations

Schedule 1: Guidelines on risk assessments and plans of safe work procedures regarding permitted work by child workers

2. Risk assessment required



1) Regulation 3 provides that every employer who employs, or provides work to, a child worker or permits any child worker to work at any place under their control or with any machinery under their control must in respect of such work undertake a risk assessment process which must include at least the following -
a) identifying the risks and hazards to which any child worker may be exposed;
b) analysing and evaluating the risks and hazards that are identified;
c) preparing and implementing -
i) a documented plan of safe work procedures to remove, mitigate, reduce or control the risks and hazards that have been identified; and
ii) a monitoring plan; and
iii) a review plan.


2) A risk assessment is a way for an employer to:
a) evaluate the worksite in a systematic way to identify potential hazards and safety issues so the employer is able to take steps to prevent the hazard causing or contributing an exposure, injury, or illness;
b) identify how many child workers might be affected by the hazard and under what circumstances this may occur; and
c) assess the likelihood and severity of any health consequences that may arise from the exposure to the hazard.


3) A risk assessment must be appropriate to the employer's workplace and the hazards and risks associated with the processes and activities that take place in the workplace. A risk assessment must cover the full range of work that child workers may be engaged in at the workplace, and work where child workers may be present.


4) A risk assessment enables the employer to plan and implement measures to control or remove the hazard and thereby reduce the risk.