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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Health and Safety of Children at Work Regulations

5. Work in elevated position ²



1) No person may require or permit a child worker-
a) to work in an elevated position unless-
i) the work is performed under the supervision of a competent adult employee or by the employer; and
ii) those fall protection measures which are reasonably practicable, and which comply with or exceed the requirements of the Construction Regulations are provided;
b) to work at a height of more than 5 metres above the floor or ground.


2) For the purposes of this regulation, work in an elevated position, means work at a height of more than 2 metres from the floor or ground.


[²] Regulation 8 of the Construction Regulations (published in Government Gazette 25207, Government Notice R 1010 of 18 July 2003) requires any contractor undertaking construction work to prepare and implement a fall protection plan in respect of all employees, regarding all risks relating to working from an elevated position, which considers the nature of work undertaken, and sets out the procedures and methods to be applied in order to eliminate the risk. That regulation applies in addition to this regulation.