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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


General Safety Regulations, 1986

13D. Scaffold framework


1) An employer shall ensure that—
a) Scaffold standards are properly propped against displacement and are secured vertically on firm foundations: Provided that putlog scaffolds shall incline slightly towards the structure;
i) steel scaffold standards with 'heavy', 'medium', 'light', or 'very light', platform loadings which shall not exceed 320, 240, 160 and 80 kg/m2 respectively, are spaced not more than 1.8 m, 2 m, 2.5 m and 3 m apart, respectively; and
ii) wooden scaffold standards are spaced not more than 3 m apart;
c) ladders are spaced vertically not more than 2.1 m apart;
d) putlogs or transoms—
i) which do not support a platform, are spaced at the same distances as the distances prescribed in paragraph (b) in respect of scaffold standards.
ii) which support a platform, are spaced not more than 1.25 m apart if the platform is constructed of solid timber boards; and
e) every part of a wooden scaffold frame has a diameter of at least 75 mm or a section of similar strength.


2) No employer shall use a scaffold, or permit it to be used unless it—
a) is securely and effectively braced to ensure stability in all directions;
b) is secured at suitable vertical and horizontal distances to the structure to which work is being done, unless it is designed to be completely free-standing;
c) is so constructed that it has a throughout factor of safety of at least two; and
d) is inspected at least once a week and every time after bad weather by a person who has adequate experience in the erection and maintenance of scaffolds, and all findings are recorded in a register or report book.


3) No employer shall require or permit that—
a) a scaffold with a supporting wooden framework exceeds a height of 10m; and
b) a scaffold is erected, altered or dismantled by or under the supervision of a person other than a person who has had the necessary training and experience of such work and who has been appointed by the employer in writing for this purpose.