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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


General Safety Regulations, 1986

13B. Ramps


1) An employer shall ensure that every ramp—
a) is constructed in accordance with accepted technical standards;
b) has a safety factor of at least two with respect to the load it is expected to carry: Provided that the design makes sufficient provision for the load on the ramp as a result of the turning, braking and acceleration of vehicles, if the ramp is used for vehicles; and
c) has an inclination to the horizontal level of not more than 34° or one vertical to one and one half horizontal.


2) An employer shall ensure that every ramp—
a) the inclination of which renders additional foothold necessary, in every case where the inclination is more than 14° or one vertical to four horizontal, is provided with stepping laths which—
i) are placed at suitable intervals; and
ii) extend the full width of the ramp: Provided that the stepping laths may be interrupted over a width not exceeding 230 mm to facilitate the movement of barrows; and
b) which is higher than 2 m and is provided on both sides with—
i) substantial guard rails which are at least  900 mm and not exceeding 1 000 mm in height, and
ii) toe-boards which are at least 150 mm high and so affixed that no open space exists between the toe-board and the ramp.