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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


General Safety Regulations, 1986

11. Supervision of building work


1) Every employer who performs building work shall charge a full-time employee, designated in writing by the employer, with the duty of supervising the performance of such building work: Provided that if such employer himself has the experience contemplated in subregulation (2) and supervises the work himself, such charging and designation need not be done.


2) An employee contemplated in subregulation (1) shall be a person who has had at least two years, experience in the type of building work for which he is to be designated.


a) An employer may designate one or more subordinate employees to assist the designated employee referred to in subregulation (l), and every such subordinate employee shall, to an extent which shall be clearly defined by the employer in his letter of designation, have the same duties as the first designated employee: Provided that the designation of any such subordinate employee shall not relieve the designated employee referred to in subregulation (1) of any personal accountability for failing in his supervisory duties contemplated in terms of this regulation.
b) Where an employer has not designated any subordinate employee as contemplated in paragraph (a), or, in the opinion of an inspector, not a sufficient number of such subordinate employees, an inspector may require the employer to designate the number of subordinate employees indicated by him and the provisions of paragraph (a) shall apply in respect of such subordinate employees as if they were in the first instance designated under that paragraph.