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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Guidance Notes

Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Regulations, 2010

1. Definitions


In these Regulations any word or expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the Act shall have the meaning so assigned and, unless the context otherwise indicates—


"access goods only lift"

means a lift in which persons are never transported or allowed by the user to be transported and where the conveyance is accessed by persons only for the purposes of loading and unloading at landings or for maintenance purposes, but does not include a temporarily installed material hoist;



(a) These were commonly known as goods hoists and were previously regulated by the Driven Machinery Regulations 17 which has now been repealed.
(b) All new installations shall comply with SANS1545 -5.


"competent lift mechanic"

means a person who—

(a) has completed a learnership or an apprenticeship in the trade of lift mechanic;
(b) has completed an electrical or mechanical trade qualification and has had at least one year post qualification general practical experience on lifts; or
(c) has obtained a minimum of a NQF level five electrical or mechanical engineering qualification and has had at least one year post qualification general practical experience on lifts;



(a) None


"competent operator"

means a person who has obtained a minimum of a NQF level 2 in the maintenance or installation of lift, escalators and passenger conveyor;



(a) NQF level 2 is defined as a minimum education level of grade 9 and the relevant training and certification within the lift industry issued by MERSETA.
(b) Competent operator is also known as an operative or a category worker who can do limited work.


"competent lift service provider"

means a person that employs competent lift mechanics and a competent operator, or a competent lift mechanic who is self -employed and who undertakes to contract with the user of a lift, escalator, passenger conveyor to perform maintenance, examinations and tests in terms of regulation 7;



(a) This is commonly known as the maintenance service provider.


"comprehensive report"

means a certificate as contemplated in the relevant health and safety standard incorporated into these Regulations;



(a) It is an annexure in terms of the relevant SANS document for lift, escalator or passenger conveyor.



means a power-driven inclined stairway with moving steps and handrails, which is intended for the transportation of persons from one level to another;



(a) None



means the malfunctioning of any part of a lift, escalator or passenger conveyor, whereby the safety of a person has been or may have been endangered;



(a) Refer to Section 24 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


"inspection service provider"

means a person that employs a registered lift inspector who undertakes to contract with the user of a lift, escalator or passenger conveyor to perform inspections and is accredited by the accredited authority;



(a) The inspection service provider can also be a self -employed person.
(b) South African National Accreditation System is the national body mandated to accredit inspection service providers.



means any floor or platform that is designed to give access to a lift or escalator or passenger conveyor;



(a) None



means any permanent or temporary lifting installation used for the conveyance of persons or of persons and goods, or as an access goods only lift, that operates by means of a conveyance or platform running on a fixed guide or guides and serving landings, but does not include a hoist worked by hand power or a material hoist;



(a) None


"material hoist"

means a hoist used to lower or raise material and equipment, and includes cantilevered platform hoists, mobile hoists, friction drive hoists, scaffold hoists, rack and pinion hoists and combination hoists;



(a) This definition is for information only and is defined in the Construction Regulations.—

Material hoist must not be confused with 'Access Goods only lifts' referred to in definition 1.