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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Guidance Notes

Electrical Installations Regulations, 2009

3. Annexures


EI2009 NR242 Annexure 1EI2009 NR242 Annexure 1 (1)

EI2009 NR242 Annexure 1 (2)


1 . The "declaration by electrical contractor'' will not be applicable if no electrical contractor was involved with that installation work e.g. employers or users who have there own registered persons and who do installation work for his/her employer or user.


2. The "initial certificate" is the main certificate for an electrical installation. There may be more than one initial certificate from one point of control where you have a huge electrical installation. In such a case, an initial certificate shall be issued for each section.


3. The "supplementary certificate" is for alterations and extensions on an electrical installation where an initial certificate already exists.



There are no guidance notes to the Annexures 2 to 6, which are reflected under Regulations : Electrical Installation Regulations, 2009 : Annexures.