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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Guidance Notes

Electrical Installations Regulations, 2009

2. The definitions and the regulations

2.12 Regulation 13 - Substitution of lost, damaged or destroyed certificate


2.12.1 Subregulation 1


If any registration certificate issued in terms of these regulations to an electrical contractor or a registered person is lost, damaged or destroyed, the person to whom the certificate was issued may apply to the chief inspector for a duplicate certificate in the form of Annexure 6, together with the relevant registration fee prescribed by regulation 14.




1. The following documents must accompany the Annexure 6:
o Certified copy of ID
o Two colour or black & white photographs (40 mm x 30 mm)
o A copy of the old registration certificate (blue, yellow or pink card) if available
o Proof of payment in the form of a receipt, deposit slip, print out of payment, etc.
o An affidavit to say what has happened with the old registration certificate


2. No faxed ore-mailed copies will be accepted.


2.12.2 Subregulation 2


After proof that a certificate referred to in subregulation (1) has been lost, damaged or destroyed has been submitted to the satisfaction of the chief inspector, the chief inspector shall issue a duplicate thereof on which the word "duplicate" shall appear.


Note: Self explanatory