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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Guidance Notes

Electrical Installations Regulations, 2009

2. The definitions and the regulations

2.10 Regulation 11 - Application for registration as a registered person


2.10.1 Subregulation 1


An application for registration as a registered person shall be made to the chief inspector. in the form of Annexure 5 together with the registration fee prescribed by regulation 14.


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2.10.2        Subregulation 2


Any natural person who satisfies the chief inspector that he or she—

(a) has sufficient knowledge of the rules applicable to electrical installations in the category for which the application is being made; and
(b) has appropriate practical experience in respect of the electrical installation, verification and certification of the construction, testing and inspection of the type of electrical installation for which application is being made,

shall be registered as an electrical tester for single phase, an installation electrician, or a master installation electrician, as the case may be.


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2.10.3        Subregulation 3


The chief inspector shall furnish a registered person with the appropriate certificate of registration and enter such registration into the national database.




1. All certificates of registration issued since 24 May 1982 are still valid, unless it has been cancelled or withdrawn.


2.10.4        Subregulation 4


A registered person shall on request produce his or her certificate of registration to an inspector, an approved inspection authority for electrical installations, a supplier or any person to whom he or she intends to issue a certificate of compliance.


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2.10.5        Subregulation 5


A registered person shall inform the chief inspector of any changes affecting his or her registration within 14 days after such change.


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