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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Explosives Regulations, 2002

8. Safeguarding of explosives workplace



1) An employer, Self-employed person or user shall ensure that –
a) an explosives workplace is established, erected, operated and maintained in such a manner as to prevent the exposure of persons to hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or circumstances;
b) no part of the explosives workplace is used for any other purpose not authorised by the explosives workplace licence;
c) all materials used in the construction of a danger building are of a design approved by a professional engineer and acceptable to the chief inspector of occupational health and safety;
d) provision has been made for –
i) ecape routes;
ii) the prevention of confined spaces;
iii) the safety of electrical appliances;
iv) lightning protectors; and

vertical clearance between buildings and overhead power lines of not less than 30 meters;

e) a copy of the special rules, regulations and operating instructions is made readily available to all employees within the danger area; and
f) a maintenance and inspection schedule is prepared and implemented by the explosives manager in respect of all danger buildings, fittings, plant and machinery in use in the danger area.


2) An employer, self-employed person or user shall –
a) in the event of any abnormal conditions being discovered or any unusual occurrence taking place, cause operations to be stopped immediately: Provided that where this is not possible, owing to the nature of the process, emergency procedures shall be laid down and immediate action taken in terms of those procedures; and
b) notwithstanding authorized licence Iimits reduce the quantity of explosives, or raw materials, or the number of persons at any one workplace whenever this is reasonably practicable.


3) No person shall manufacture explosives in any manner not provided for in these regulations unless written permission for such manufacture has been obtained from the chief inspector of occupational health and safety.