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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Diving Regulations, 2009

29. Notification of diving operations


(1) A diving contractor or diving school who intends to carry out any diving operation must before the commencement of those operations notify the provincial office in writing of the diving operations.


(2) Any client making use of the services of a diving contractor must before the commencement of that work notify the provincial director in writing of the diving work, irrespective of whether the diving contractor has notified the provincial office as contemplated in subregulation (1).


(3) A notification contemplated in subregulations (1) and (2) must contain the minimum information required in Annexure D.


(4) The diving contractor must ensure that a copy of the completed form contemplated in subregulation (3) is kept at the dive site for inspection by an inspector, client, client's agent or employee.